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Bolingbrook High School Football Part of the Southwest Suburban Conference Conference

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Learning is a treasure at Bolingbrook High School that will follow you everywhere. Bolingbrook High School is located at 365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440-4010 and has approximately 3697 students in grades 9 to 12.

365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook, Illinois, 60440-4010

(630) 759-6400

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2012 Varsity Football

number name role position class
Dave Maurer Coach
Greg Pluth Coach
Joe Murnick Coach
John Ivlow Coach
Kyle Jakubek Coach
Matt Monken Coach
Melvin Barnes Coach
Nicholas Detman Coach
Robert Corra Coach
Sean Coultis Coach
Todd Howard Coach
1 Jaden Huff Player RB Junior
2 Brandon Lewis Player WR Senior
3 John Howard Player RB Senior
4 C.J. Clark Player LB Junior
5 Phillip Williams Player DB Senior
6 Heinz Long Player WR Senior
7 Phillip Stevens Player DB Senior
8 Nick Sramek Player DE Senior
9 Chuck Morrison Player DE Senior
10 Quincy Woods Player QB Sophomore
11 Crosby Harris Player DB Senior
12 Dariel Greer Player QB Junior
13 Emile Wisdom Player LB Senior
14 John Elmore Player QB Junior
15 Aaron Bailey Player QB Senior
16 Delwin Short Player WR Junior
17 Greg Amos Player DB Senior
18 Arrien Richardson Player RB Senior
19 Adam Klein Player K/WR Sophomore
20 John Hall Player RB Junior
21 Parrker Westphal Player DB Junior
22 Jacob Huff Player DB Sophomore
23 Connor Coverntry Player DB Senior
24 Omar Stover Player RB Senior
25 Armani McNulty Player DB Sophomore
26 Xavier Stevenson Player RB Junior
27 Cecil Nicholson Player DB Junior
28 Lamont Williams Player DB Senior
29 David Duffy Player RB Senior
30 Bernard Flowers Player LB Junior
31 Anthony Rodarte Player WR Senior
32 Tuf Borland Player LB Freshman
33 Julian Huff Player LB Sophomore
34 Hailey Gist-Holden Player DB Senior
35 Keandre Wright Player RB Junior
36 Davonte Sanders-Funches Player WR Junior
38 Elijah Campbell Player DT Junior
40 Eli Carbajal Player DT Junior
41 Charles Charrier Player DE Senior
44 Jermaine Evans Player DT Junior
46 Coy Jordan Russell Player DT Senior
50 Lanoris Holoman Player DE Senior
51 Michael Fescina Player DT Senior
53 Joseph Tauber Player DE Junior
54 Justin Maghett Player DE Junior
55 Jacob Rodriquez Player OL Junior
56 Scott Foltz Player OL Senior
57 DeVante Martin Player OL Junior
58 Nick Perry Player OL Junior
59 Alan Turner Player DT Senior
60 Robert Flores Player OL Junior
61 Maximillian Pleasant Player DT Junior
63 Chris Wilson Player OL Sophomore
63 Jeremy London Player DE Junior
65 Sam Baki Player OL Senior
66 Daniel Salamone Player OL Junior
69 Matthew Bucio Player OL Senior
75 Anthony Veliz Player OL Senior
77 James Jacobson Player OL Sophomore
80 Chandler Piekarski Player WR Senior
81 Terrence Smith Player WR Senior
84 Trae Rayford Player WR Junior
85 Eric Harris Player WR Junior
88 Nana Appah Player WR Junior
90 Jeremy Smith Player DT Senior
96 Wesley Martinez Player DE Senior
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Bolingbrook High School Football Scoreboard