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Crete-Monee High School Football Part of the Southland Conference Conference

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Learn as much as you can while you're at Crete-Monee High School since life becomes too busy later. Crete-Monee High School is located at 1515 W Exchange St, Crete, Illinois 60417-2098 and has approximately 1555 students in grades 9 to 12.

1515 W Exchange St, Crete, Illinois, 60417-2098

(708) 367-8250

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2012 Varsity Football

number name role position class
1 Anthony Anderson Player DB Senior
2 Kenneth Kidd Player RB Junior
3 Kyle Tilley Player RB/WR Senior
4 James Jamison Player WR/DE Senior
5 Le'Andre Vallot Player ILB Junior
6 Laquon Treadwell Player C Sophomore
7 Lance Lenoir Player WR Sophomore
8 Breon Bailey Player WR Junior
9 Jaylan Bailey Player QB Senior
10 Lexus Jackson Player WR Senior
11 Larry Green Player WR Senior
12 Jack Mykytiuk Player K/P Senior
13 Tracy Whitehead Player Junior
14 Cameroun Reeves Player C Junior
15 Maurice Jackson Player DB Junior
17 Jordan Ewing Player SS Junior
20 Rykki Tate Player WR Junior
21 Aaron Moore Player C Junior
22 James Hampton Player C Junior
23 Kyle Tilley Player LB Sophomore
24 Thurman Lesley Player WR Senior
25 Julius Spicer Player RB Senior
26 Jansen Wiley Player FS Junior
28 Devin Morris Player RB Senior
33 Steven O'Neill Player DE Senior
34 Daniel Wallace Player FS Junior
40 Michael Rosenquist Player ILB Junior
42 Jonathon Fasel Player OL/LB Junior
43 Gevonte Safo Player FS Senior
44 Aaron Davis Player OL Senior
49 Keynan Harden Player LB Junior
50 Zachary Nevels Player OL Senior
51 Cody Ricard Player OL Senior
52 Dean Merritt Player DE Junior
53 Anthony Robinson Player OLB Senior
54 Brandon Stewart Player DE Senior
55 Lamarcus Bryant Player DT Junior
56 Eddie Offutt Player DT Junior
57 Shaquille Smalley Player OL Senior
58 Joseph Garrett Player OLB Junior
59 Austin Rosenfeldt Player OL Sophomore
61 Xavier Robertson Player OL Junior
62 Edwards Higgins Player OL Junior
63 JaTaun Drummond Player OL Junior
64 Scott Stewart Player DT Senior
67 Joman Moore Player OL Junior
72 Leonard Despenza Player OL/DL Junior
74 Cody Hock Player OL Senior
77 Johnnie McCaskel Player DT Senior
80 Olaoluwa Ogunlana Player WR Junior
81 Deandre' Range Player WR Junior
82 Patrick Holman Player WR Junior
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Crete-Monee High School Football Scoreboard