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Evanston Township High School Part of the Central Suburban League Conference

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Learning is a treasure at Evanston Township High School that will follow you everywhere. Evanston Township High School is located at 1600 Dodge Ave, Evanston, Illinois 60204-3449 and has approximately 2970 students in grades 9 to 12.

1600 Dodge Ave, Evanston, Illinois, 60204-3449

(847) 424-7200

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2012-2013 Varsity football

number name role position class
Chris Hernandez Player
Clayton Daniels Player
Donoven Brown Player
Ian Eulinberg Player
Irvin Yorke Player
Jack Egofske Player
Kameron Simmons-Gill Player
Kyle Johnson Player
Linval Rose Player
Marlon Primous Player
Nehemie Etrenne Player
Nikko Quiballo Player
Rob Staub Player
Simon Gratch Player
Thomas Stepp Player
Wayne Zachery Player
1 Rei Gaines Player QB/RB
2 Xhavier Hilliard Player WR
4 Immanual Woodberry Player QB
9 Michael Barrett Player WR
10 Chris Davis Player WR
11 Claire Greising Player K
13 Ryan Christie Player WR
14 Cedric Logan Player RB
16 Austin Klopfer Player WR
17 Elliott Grant Player WR
18 Gus Delgado Player QB
20 Jeffrey PIttman Player WR
22 Ricky Gonzalez Player WR
24 Arrhian Monroe Player RB
25 Malachi Adams Player RB
26 John Silencieux Player WR
27 Ben Morton Player RB
27 Marvin Green Player
29 Tyler Kennedy Player WR
30 Bryan Brannon Player FB
32 Nate Brown Player WR
33 Reginal Murphy II Player RB
34 Omar Brown Player WR
35 Jean Phjillipe Evans Player
36 Ahmad Radcliffe Player RB
37 Ben Drake Player RB
40 Donovan Cline Player RB
41 Quinn Mannard Player FB
42 Cole Rowland Player TE
45 Jamal Harvey Player RB
50 John Monroe Player
51 Roger Bowen Player
52 Jalen Jenkins Player
55 Kai Joy Player
60 Christopher Smith Player
62 Isaiah Wool Player
63 Jeremy Nicholson Player
65 Marvin Hill Player
67 Nichoals Davis Player
74 Vernell Bentley Player
76 Jackson Finamore Player
78 Liam Walsh Player
79 Marty Leoni Player
81 Elijah Henry Player WR
82 Brandon HIlliard Player WR
83 Jayson Brown Player
87 Ferris Ingraham Player TE
90 Raven Ahrens Player
99 Vladislav Yourtchenko Player OL/DL
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Evanston Township High School Scoreboard