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Maine South High School Football Part of the Central Suburban League Conference

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at Maine South High School. Maine South High School is located at 1111 S Dee Rd, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-4397 and has approximately 2556 students in grades 9 to 12.

1111 S Dee Rd, Park Ridge, Illinois, 60068-4397

(847) 825-7711

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2012-2013 Varsity Football

number name role position class
George Sargent Player WR
1 Frank Perrone Player WR
2 Edward Mendoza Player WR
3 Daly Guzaldo Player WR/S
4 Eric Sons Player S
5 Chris Buscemi Player LB
6 John Hader Player CB
7 Michael Bosco Player WR/CB
8 Austin Righeimer Player P
9 Mike Sliwicki Player RB
10 Matt Alviti Player QB
11 Zach Hinkamp Player WR
12 John Solari Player TE
14 Tyler Goll Player WR
15 Anthony Perrone Player LB
16 Tony Buerostro Player WR
18 Hanna Shunnarah Player CB
19 Alec Basso Player QB
20 Diandre Strickland Player CB
21 Nathan Gruber Player CB
22 Alex Alvarado Player CB
23 Alberto Rossi Player S
24 Brendan Sweetman Player S
25 Noah Meyer Player LB/WR
26 John Cerniglia Player S
28 Tim Pierce Player CB
29 Trent Orr Player CB
30 Zach McCarthy Player LB
31 Mark Abtahi Player S
32 Luke Gardner Player CB
33 Clay Burdelik Player RB/S
34 Luke Durbin Player DL/RB
35 Dylan Duffy Player S
38 John Oberheide Player K
40 Phil Uhlig Player LB
41 John Clarke Player LB
42 Jack Perez Player LB
43 Nick Tingas Player DL
44 Jackson Strauss Player LB
45 Bradley Mitchell Player CB
46 Jack O'Connor Player DL
48 Anthony Mitchell Player RB
50 Andrew Ingraham Player LB
51 Dylan Reich Player OL
52 Donny Nordstrom Player OL/DL
53 Marty Balow Player DL
54 Conor Strauss Player DL
55 Greg Ebacher Player OL/DE
56 Bill O'Sullivan Player DL
57 Gus Post Player OL
58 Dan Poulos Player OL
59 Daniel O'Leary Player DL
60 Quinn Murphy Player DL
61 RJ Scarpelli Player OL
62 Noah Cummins Player DL
63 George Harker Player DL
64 Zack Dolphin Player DL
65 Griffen Schaefer Player OL
66 Tom Hader Player DL/OL
67 Adrian Makol Player DL
68 Mike Rubino Player OL
70 Alex Scheu Player DL
72 Adam Szymanski Player OL
73 Pat Maloney Player OL/DL
74 Brendan Brosnan Player OL
75 Pavel Tamas Player DL
77 Kevin Kohler Player OL
80 Andrew Sus Player WR
81 Frank Muck Player LB
83 Tom Rose Player WR
84 Mike Klein Player DE
85 George Sajenko Player WR
86 Nick Demos Player WR
87 Angelo Deluca Player WR
88 Vinny Labus Player WR/LB
90 Kyle Stevens Player DL
92 Alex Bauman Player DL
95 Jon Brown Player K
98 Matt Carroll Player
99 Tristan Lambert Player K
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Maine South High School Football Scoreboard