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Marist High School Football Part of the East Suburban Catholic Conference

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at Marist High School. Marist High School is located at 4200 W 115 Th St, Chicago, Illinois 60655-4306 and has approximately 1809 students in grades 9 to 12.

4200 W 115 Th St, Chicago, Illinois, 60655-4306


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2011 Marist High School Varsity Football Team

number name role position class
Pat Dunne Coach
1 Dan Schmidt Player LB
2 Ryan Carroll Player WR
3 Dan Blake Player WR
4 Angelo Buscemi Player RB
5 Jordan Burger Player RB, OLB
6 Bryan Polak Player WR
7 Luke Oosterbaan Player QB
8 Mike Doro Player P
9 Sean Gilligan Player TB, WR
10 Ian Woodworth Player QB
11 John McKevitt Player RB, LB
12 Marty Reynolds Player DB, WR
15 Nick Sohl Player K
16 Morty Berglind Player DB, WR
17 Joe Griffin Player TE
18 Ryan Meyer Player WR, DB
20 Cody Bohanek Player DB
21 Randy Rhodes Player DB, RB
24 Raul Boles Player DB
25 Peter Andreotti Player RB
27 Mitchell Webb Player DB
28 Pat Watson Player DB
29 Ryan Harmon Player LB
30 Will Brennan Player DB
31 Petey Conway Player DB
32 Tony Martin Player LB
33 Greg Grubbs Player DB, RB
34 Matt Harty Player DB
35 Dan Pappas Player OLB
37 Jack Barry Player WR
40 Pat Doah Player DB
42 Josh Pruitt Player OLB
44 Luke Hughes Player TE, DL
46 Matt Capuano Player ILB, OLB
47 Sean Gerrish Player OLB
50 Josh Hickey Player DL, OL
51 Steve McGugan Player ILB, OL
52 Mike Layer Player ILB
54 Dan Drew Player ILB
55 David Yerkes Player OLB
56 Danny Sullivan Player OLB
57 Alex Granat Player DL
58 Brendan Lawler Player OL
59 Jake Doman Player LB, DL
60 Tim Feltman Player OL
61 John Nolan Player OL
64 Rob Hall Player OL, DL
65 Frank Radochonski Player OL
66 Randy Scrappo Player OL
67 Jack Hooker Player OL
69 Pat McNicholas Player DL
70 Andy Bischoff Player OL, DL
71 Alex Galvan Player DL
72 Jack Bauschelt Player DL
73 Mike McKevitt Player OL
74 Brian Lang Player OL
76 Ryan Fell Player OL
78 Jack Gainer Player OL
80 Craig Rosner Player WR
82 John Gainer Player TE
85 Jimmy Smith Player WR, DB
89 Nic Weishar Player WR
93 Shannon Smith Player DL
98 Kevin Moss Player OL, DL
99 Tom Wilson Player ILB
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Marist High School Football Scoreboard