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Neuqua Valley High School Football Part of the Upstate Eight Conference Conference

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Learn as much as you can while you're at Neuqua Valley High School since life becomes too busy later. Neuqua Valley High School is located at 2360 95 Th St, Naperville, Illinois 60564 and has approximately 4474 students in grades 9 to 12.

2360 95 Th St, Naperville, Illinois, 60564

(630) 428-6000

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2012-2013 Varsity Football

number name role position class
Zach Marzette Player RB
1 Reggie Ervin Player WR
2 Jeff Evak Player WR/CB
3 Matthew Perrigo Player QB
3 Mikey Dudek Player WR/CB
4 Ernest Edwards Player CB
5 Joshua Prescher Player FS
6 Colin Hancock Player CB
7 Brad Thompson Player CB
8 Tyler Speich Player DE
9 Ryan Mulhern Player K/P
10 Colin Mondi Player OLB
11 Danny Festa Player FS
12 Dylan Andrew Player QB
13 Devon Griffin Player DE
14 Davide Tomei Player QB
15 Nolan Dean Player RB/OLB
16 Dennis Thurow Player SS
17 Yash Jain Player WR
18 Ryan Kuhl Player WR
19 Brian Serio Player QB
20 Ray Kuykendall Player WR
21 Eric Bonner Player OLB
22 Alex Jaquez Player NG/DE
23 Amedu Iby Player RB
24 David Reece Player CB
25 Danny Dudek Player RB
26 Christian Kuhl Player WR/P
26 Conner Milliren Player CB
27 Trevor Hunt Player CB/WR
28 Benjamin Muoghalu Player FS
29 Ryan Casey Player WR
30 Jordan Bright Player CB
30 Logan Weinstock Player FS
31 Zach Surma Player CB
32 Andrew Fraczek Player FS
33 Chad Cunningham Player CB
34 TJ Scruggs Player RB/FB/OLB
35 Zack Meier Player RB
36 Joey Rhattigan Player RB/OLB
37 Connor Swier Player OLB
39 Zachary Harvey Player CB
40 Evan Cherney Player DLB/MLB
41 Brandon Kronewitter Player CB
42 Spencer Donahue Player SS
43 Mitch Simon Player OLB
44 Brian Stevenson Player OLB
45 Sam Norgaard Player FB/OLB
46 Kyle Boonyong Player CB
47 Julio Patino Player RB
48 Blake Waeghe Player TE
49 Nathan Hammond Player OLB
50 Abedel Hamdan Player DT
51 Kevin Carlson Player MLB
52 Marcel Hurtado Player DE
53 Jake Huennekens Player DE
54 Nick Bilgri Player C
55 Michael Casas Player DE
56 Kyle Bryan Player T/G/C
58 Conor Moran Player DE
59 John Lane Player OLB
60 Jason Vandermyde Player G
61 Godfrey Collins Player NG
62 Brandon Barbee Player G
63 Preston Vandervort Player T/G
65 Mark Luperini Player G/C
66 Jacob Hernandez Player G
72 Caleb Scott Player G/T
72 Doug Kindt Player NG
75 Sai Klein Player T
76 JP Quinn Player T/G
77 Andrew Geers Player T
81 Tim Fields Player TE
82 Joey Villa Player TE
83 Cody Carlson Player WR
84 Jordan Maclin Player WR
85 Dustin Yates Player WR
86 Nathan Hill Player WR
87 Alex Nehrkorn Player WR
88 Alex Finch Player WR
89 Taylor Frable Player TE
90 Nicholas Kendall Evans Player CB
91 Isiah Robinson Player CB
92 Joseph Grasso Player FS
93 Vincent Hale Player WR
94 Daekown Jenkins Player CB
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Neuqua Valley High School Football Scoreboard