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Plainfield Central High School Football Part of the Southwest Prairie Conference Conference

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Learning is a treasure at Plainfield Central High School that will follow you everywhere. Plainfield Central High School is located at 24120 W Fort Beggs, Plainfield, Illinois 60544-1845 and has approximately 2723 students in grades 9 to 12.

24120 W Fort Beggs, Plainfield, Illinois, 60544-1845

(815) 436-3200

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2013-2014 Varsity Football

number name role position class
1 Dom Rioss-Starr Player RB
2 Akwasi Aikins Player RB/DB
3 Sam Giarantanno Player RB
4 Roger Thigpen Player RB/DB
5 Derik Bildy Player LB
7 Jamie Prewitt Player LB
8 Joe Monge White Player WR/DB
10 Matt Gurke Player QB
11 Mike Smiles Player QB
13 Marc Heffner Player WR
14 Raysean White Player DB
15 Brian Pfingston Player RB
16 Brandon Youngquist Player DB
17 Kahmari Montgomery Player WR
20 Rocky O'Reilly Player WR
21 Sebastian Perhon Player DB
22 Marcus Lopez Player WR
23 Eric Rech Player RB
24 Ryan Rodriguez Player DB
25 Leandre Jordon Player RB
26 Kendall Brown Player WR
27 Matt Kenealy Player DB
28 Corey Caudle Player DB
30 Justyn Pittman Player DB
32 Marc Almanguer Player LB/DE
33 Luke Derouin Player LB
37 Ryan Osman Player DB
38 Sam Taylor Player LB
39 Aiden Pino Player RB
41 Rick Jamie Player DL
42 Tyler Whitney Player FB/DE
43 Jason Munkvold Player LB
44 Mitch Desalvo Player LB
45 Mike Plada Player LB
46 Samuel Lee Player DB
50 Edward Visnevac Player LB
51 Mike Wheeler Player OL
53 Anthony Ucci Player DL
54 Billy Dodge Player DL
55 Deon Guyton Player DL
56 Silvestre Malonado Player DL
58 Mike Groth Player OL/DL
60 Brandon Jimanez Player DL
61 Chris Wesloy Player OL
63 Matt Hought Player OL
64 Zach Zoinerowics Player OL
65 Nick Dunday Player OL/DL
66 Jordon Middleton Player OL
68 Max Almaguer Player OL
70 Rob Martin Player DL
72 Greg Cybulski Player OL
74 Alex Anderson Player OL
76 Nick Petrou Player DL
80 Juan Baragan Player WR
81 Adrian Arroya Player WR
82 Brendan Sirevicous Player WR
85 Matt Allen Player WR
88 Mark Smith Player WR
89 Keegen Latrewisz Player WR/K
90 John James Player DL
93 Nick Kinety Player DL
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Plainfield Central High School Football Scoreboard