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St Rita of Cascia High School Football Part of the Chicago Catholic League Conference

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at St Rita of Cascia High School. St Rita of Cascia High School is located at 7740 S Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60620-5867 and has approximately 760 students in grades 9 to 12.

7740 S Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60620-5867


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2013-2014 Varsity Football

number name role position class
1 Xavier Allen Player WR
2 Jovaughn Sparks Player RB/WR
3 Tyre Lee Player RB
4 John Ladd Player WR
5 Tommy Mister Player QB
6 Malik Space Player WR
7 CJ Weydeman Player QB
8 Martin Bechina Player DB
9 George Vanek Jr. Player TE
10 Jack Danaher Player DB
11 Christian McFarlane Player WR
12 Julian Crum Player WR
13 David Lorimer Player DB
14 Scott Procter Player QB
15 Thomas Rehfeld Player LB
16 Eric Walker Player DB
17 Brandon Gaston Player WR
18 Dion Bobo Jr Player WR
18 Mateo Zunica Player QB Junior
19 John Kelly Player K
20 Ryan Price Player DB
21 DJ Miles Player RB
22 Thomas Brennan Player DB
23 Lamar Dawson Player DB
24 Gerald Whitaker Player DB
25 John Connolly Player LB
26 Brandon Williams Player DB
27 Neil Martyn Player DB
28 Jervonta Randle Player DB
30 Brett Rothman Player RB
31 Nick Goldsmith Player K
32 Chuck Hendricks Player DB
33 Daniel Gleaves Player DB
35 Jalen Crum Player DB
36 Griffin Lunny Player DB
38 Steven Abramowicz Player LB
39 Casey Cronin-Chavez Player LB
40 John Rehfield Player LB
41 PJ Duffin Player RB
43 John Regan Player LB
44 Matthew Mitchell Player LB
45 Nick Filomeno Player DL
46 Pete Duddleston Player LB
47 Kyle Breen Player LB
49 Ryan Kelly Player FB
50 Jeremy Johnson Player DL
52 Servando Duran Player DL
54 Keith Dejohnette Player DL
55 Michael Lurquin Player OL/DL
56 Christian Campbell Player LB
57 Simon Flores Player OL
59 David Villasenor Player OL Sophomore
60 Jason Blazevic Player OL
61 Drew Walega Player OL Sophomore
62 Nicholas Vanderham Player DL
63 Louis Meany Player DL
64 James Drenovsky Player OL
65 Jake Augustyniak Player OL
66 Christopher Lynn Player OL
67 Enrique Palomo Player DL
72 Robert Pavesich Player OL
73 Tom Schofield Player OL
74 Terrance Roberts Player OL
75 Rick Pikowski Player OL Sophomore
77 Matthew Byrne Player OL
82 Sean Reilly Player DL
84 Jon Hollifield Player LB
85 Driesen Evans Player TE
87 Eamon Moran Player DL/TE
88 Tyler Moran Player DL/TE
90 David Landstrom Player DL
93 Anthony Damico Player DL
94 Nicholas Demma Player DL
96 Bailey Marth Player K
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St Rita of Cascia High School Football Scoreboard