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Westwood High School Football

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at Westwood High School. Westwood High School is located at 12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin, Texas 78750-1824 and has approximately 2555 students in grades 9 to 12.

12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin, Texas, 78750-1824

(512) 464-4000

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2011 Westwood High School Varsity Football Team

number name role position class
Antony Wood Coach
2 Ledeans Anderson Player FB
3 Logan Tellier Player WR
4 Josh Bishop Player WR
5 Ben Johnson Player QB
6 Travis Dale Player WR
7 Drew Hillhouse Player WR
8 Garrett Gibbins Player WR
9 Desmond Wyatt Player WR
10 Colin McGuire Player K, P
11 Tanner Osborn Player RB
12 Sam Swensen Player QB
13 Paul Dickensheets Player WR
14 Ben Harris Player WR
15 Ryan Leggett Player WR
16 Bear Fennimore Player QB
17 Quinton Marshall Player DB
18 Jordan Glynn Player DB
19 Ty Marshall Player RB
20 Sean Hoeferkamp Player DB
21 Andrew Shiery Player DB
22 Mason Bartek Player RB
23 James Ingram Player DB
24 Stephen Demauchet Player DB
25 Brad Watson Player DB
27 Chris Baddour Player DB
28 Daniel Fry Player DB
29 Nestor Rubiano Player LB
30 Chris Sims Player DB
32 Tyler Lewis Player LB
33 Brad Florence Player LB
34 Ian Fry Player DB
35 Blake Thomas Player LB
37 Marcus Fisher-Jones Player LB
38 Josh Robertson Player DB
40 Wesley Rocco Player RB
42 D'andre Roach Player DL
45 Tyler Logan Player DB
47 Travis Brumley Player DB
49 Jackson Crowley Player LB
50 Daniel Berry Player LB
52 Chris Beaver Player OL
53 John Ferguson Player DL
54 Ryan Jaber Player DL
55 Jacob Overstreet Player OL
56 Lucas Dielmann Player OL
58 CJ Dunagan Player OL
60 Hunter Cottle Player OL
61 Oscar Rivera Player DL
62 Andrew Medford Player DL
63 Tyrell Walker Player OL
64 Brendan Moore Player OL
65 James Garringer Player OL
66 Will Pollock Player OL
68 Michael Olson Player OL
70 Dayne Bullock Player OL
73 Cody James Player DL
75 Ross Lodge Player OL
76 Forrest Six Player OL
79 Justin Yu Player OL
80 Rory McCullough Player TE
81 Rafael Garcia Player WR
82 Jose Garcia Player WR
83 Jack Brown Player WR
85 Colton Conrad Player S
88 Parker Hanusa Player DE
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Westwood High School Football Scoreboard