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Wheaton-Warrenville South High School Football Part of the DuPage Valley Conference Conference

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Learning is a treasure at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School that will follow you everywhere. Wheaton-Warrenville South High School is located at 1993 Tiger Trail Rd, Wheaton, Illinois 60187-7896 and has approximately 2390 students in grades 9 to 12.

1993 Tiger Trail Rd, Wheaton, Illinois, 60187-7896

(630) 784-7200

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2012-2013 Varsity football

number name role position class
Casey Paraday Player QB
1 Ben Bach Player DB/CB Senior
2 Brandon Moore Player WR Senior
3 Corey Davis Player WR Senior
6 Cole Krynicki Player WR Senior
7 Patrick Buoniconti Player NG Senior
8 Nick Akins Player WR Senior
9 Kevin Glitz Player DB Senior
10 Ryan Graham Player QV Junior
11 Matt Walsh Player WR Senior
12 Dan Mckee Player QB Senior
13 Adam Rogers Player DB Senior
16 Jordan Knox Player WR Senior
17 Daniel Sveen Player Junior
18 Kevon Anderson Player WR Senior
19 Mitch Moore Player Junior
20 Robert Zablock Player Junior
21 Jake Schultz Player Junior
21 Joshua Prueter Player Sophomore
22 Brandon Adams Player Senior
23 Chris Cross Player Junior
24 Thomas Cetina Player Junior
25 Matt Brocious Player Junior
26 Jesse Padalik Player RB/P Senior
29 Cain Bialas Player Junior
30 Joe Kazar Player Junior
31 Luke Slager Player Junior
32 Deion Knight Player Junior
33 Mocha Uchiyama Player Junior
34 Tyler Sweem Player Junior
37 Matthew Bilyk Player Junior
38 Zack Moberg Player Junior
39 Colin Fisher Player Junior
40 Joe Machalek Player Junior
42 Gary Gifford Player Junior
43 RJ Herman Player MLB Senior
44 Mitch Krafcheck Player Senior
45 Isaiah Campos Player Junior
47 Michael Monaco Player Junior
48 Mike Horton Player Junior
49 Brian Duffey Player OLB Senior
50 Jon Callaway Player Junior
51 David Morrow Player DT Senior
54 Giovanny Marin Player DT Junior
55 Will Calloway Player DT Junior
59 Rich Metzger Player C Senior
60 Tom Hutchison Player Sophomore
61 Jack Williams Player Junior
61 Luke Hebert Player DE Senior
62 Maeson Hebert Player G Junior
63 Leo Perez Player Junior
64 Ryan Mccarthy Player G Senior
65 Joe Kirsch Player G Senior
66 Kyle Whitson Player Junior
68 Tom Sullivan Player Junior
69 Sam Jordan Player Senior
71 Morgan Mahn Player T Senior
72 Kyle Joyce Player T Senior
75 Hollis Henry Player G/T Senior
77 Frank Garcia Player T Senior
80 Daniel Waskiewicz Player Junior
81 Savone Carter Player Junior
82 Matt Young Player Junior
83 Eric Sanchez Player Junior
84 Brian Welch Player TE Senior
85 Will Patton Player Junior
86 Austin Royer Player Junior
87 Connor Ostrander Player Junior
88 Tyshawn Hollins Player WR Junior
89 Tim Hoover Player Junior
90 Daniel Chism Player DT Senior
92 Charlie Hohnstein Player DE Senior
93 Josh Salas Player Junior
94 Andrew Bailey Player Junior
95 James Browning Player Junior
99 Michael Koehne Player DE/K Senior
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Wheaton-Warrenville South High School Football Scoreboard