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Wisconsin Lutheran High School Football

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Wisconsin Lutheran High School is located at 330 N Glenview Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53213-3379 and has approximately 862 students in grades 9 to 12.

330 N Glenview Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53213-3379

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2013-2014 Varsity Football

number name role position class
Matt Kioski Player DL
Matt Strommen Player OL
Milton Cummings Player QB
Mitchell Schneider Player SS
Nick Faccidomo Player RB/CB
Peter Matson Player TE/DE
Pierre McCoy Player WR
Quinton Reed Player DL
Rob Luckett Player RB
Sebastian Moore Player DE
Sergio Romero Player OL
Terrance Ward Player RB/CB
Tom Daly Player CB
Troy Sorensen Player OL/DL
Tyler Mapson Player LB
Zach Burow Player LB
Zach Petraske Player LB
2 Malik Smith Player RB/FS
4 Logan McShane Player QB
5 Jerry Duckworth Player DB
11 Jacob Frey Player WR
15 Austin DeNoyer Player RB/DB
17 Antoine Garrett Player RB
20 Aaron Michaels Player DB
22 Tyler Ristow Player CB
24 Josh Kren Player RB/FS
32 Marlon Anderson Player LB
33 Reed Goede Player FS
34 Caleb Kuske Player RB/DB
44 Jaylin Alexander Player LB
48 Danny Frey Player DE
50 Aaron Bush Player OL
52 Mason LaMarche Player OL
61 Jalen Slocum Player DL
62 Addison Krueger Player OL
63 Jon Schroeder Player DE
67 Bryce Roberts Player OL/DL
70 Alex Evans Player OL
71 Brett Raymond Player OL
77 Caleb Tesch Player OL
78 Matthew Zeitler Player OL
80 Jon Holder Player TE
81 Jacob Smrz Player WR
82 Tyler Parbs Player WR
83 Grant Mattek Player WR
86 Anthony Carver Player TE
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Wisconsin Lutheran High School Football Scoreboard