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Glenbrook South at Maine East - High School Football

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Cubes: Maine East,  Glenbrook South,  Chicago Tribune

The Cube Broadcast on 9/14/12 7:16p-10p

Broadcasted by: CubeProductions

Broadcasted in the following channels: Maine East High School,  Glenbrook South High School,  Chicago Tribune

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Event Highlights

Brett Laurie returns a punt 50 yards for a touchdo
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Ose Ilenikhena weaves into the endzone for a touch
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Jacob Revello bursts forward for a GBS touchdown.
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Brett Laurie scampers toward the endzone on a 45-y
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20-Yard Touchdown Run by Jacob Revello for Glenbro 0:09
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Short Touchdown run by Jacob Revello for Glenbrook 0:10
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Huge Touchdown run by Ose Ilenikhena for Glenbrook 0:18
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50-Yard Punt Return for a Touchdown by Brett Lauri 0:21
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55-Yard Touchdown run by Brett Laurie for Glenbroo 0:18
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Touchdown Pass from Max Cohen to Cody Carroll for 0:11
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32-Yard Touchdown Pass from Max Cohen to Ose Ileni 0:12
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45-Yard Touchdown Run by Brett Laurie for Glenbroo 0:14
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