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High School Football - Maine West at Niles West

c u b e
Cubes: Niles West,  Maine West,  Chicago Tribune

The Cube Broadcast on 9/07/12 6:44p-9:12p

Broadcasted by: CubeProductions

Broadcasted in the following channels: Niles West High School,  Maine West High School,  Chicago Tribune

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Event Highlights

Highlight by blah on 4/01 0:12
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Galananopolous 10 yard TD run 0:13
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Jeremiah Jordan 40 yard KO return to the Maine Wes 0:21
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Anthony Underwood 14 yard TD run! 0:12
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Milhulet 19 yard TD run 0:25
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Jeremiah Jordan 16 yard TD run! 0:20
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