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get verified and start streaming

We've created a Hyper-Local TV channel for every high school across the nation - we call these “Cubes” where media directors, coaches, teachers and even approved parents students broadcast their athletic events, band concerts, school assemblies, graduation and more - LIVE.

1 START: Join The Cube

By registering on The Cube as an individual we know you're a real person.


TIP: Use your real name when registering

2 Select school to broadcast

By requesting the rights to broadcast you will be able to schedule and broadcast live events.

NOTE: You must first be a registered user before you can admin a school… click here to join or

3 Scheduling a new event

Once our team has reviewed and approved your request to broadcast you will be able to schedule a live event.

To schedule a live event click on your user menu in the top right select "Add New Event" from the menu and then complete the form. You will then receive a 7 digit event code (example: kh7fus8) which you will enter into your streaming device like your iPad or Laptop.

4 Select your broadcast method

You can broadcast in 1,000's of different ways. Review our most popular setups to find the best broadcasting method for you.

Mobile Setup

Easy and fast streaming using a mobile device.

Freshman Setup

Single camera production (most popular).

Junior Setup

Multi-camera production on a budget.

Varsity Setup

Powered by Tricaster. All you need for TV quality video.

Freshman Setup Resources: Broadcast Guide PDF Download Adobe FMLE
Custom Setup Resources: Complete Equipment Evaluation Form

Not sure which is right for you? Call 415.738.7899 and let us help you decide.


You're all done learning everything you need to know for broadcasting your very first event. If you have any questions of would like consult with us on what equipment you need or to walk through the process call us for one on one assistance.

Call 415.738.7899 with any questions or for personalized help.