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The Cube was born out of necessity. We knew it was important to provide people with the ability to go forth and capture/share all the amazing LIVE moments that happen to us during our high school years. Those moments help shape who we are for the rest of our lives and are meant to be viewed in the moment by our family, friends and anyone important to us. We're helping you create a high school experience that's completely unique to each new generation in this age of technology.

The Cube was born out of necessity. We knew it was important to provide people with the ability to go forth and capture/share all the amazing LIVE moments that happen to us during our high school years. Those moments help shape who we are for the rest of our lives and are meant to be viewed in the moment by our family, friends and anyone important to us. We're helping you create a high school experience that's completely unique to each new generation in this age of technology.

The Cube was born out of necessity. We knew it was important to provide people with the ability to go forth and capture/share all the amazing LIVE moments that happen to us during our high school years. Those moments help shape who we are for the rest of our lives and are meant to be viewed in the moment by our family, friends and anyone important to us. We're helping you create a high school experience that's completely unique to each new generation in this age of technology.

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our passionate & talented team

With offices in San Francisco and Chicago we're surrounded by local communities that understand how important the LIVE high school experience really is.

Larry Cotter cube linkedin twitter

CEO / Co-founder

Larry is a co-founder of The Cube and focuses on our brand, product and technology. Larry is an experienced technology driven builder of online media brands with two previous start-ups founded, funded and sold to major media companies. Larry is married to his wife Elizabeth and has three children.

One of Larry's most memorable high school memories was an ironic one – being sent to the principals office and the celebrity status that it brought – It started with the “school wide” announcement – Larry Cotter please report to Mr. Phillips office – Larry Cotter please report to the principals office but it didn’t end there – they must have announced it ten times – so wondering what he did he finally went to the office. Fortunately for Larry it was a nice little thank you gift from Mr. Phillips for coaching his son Greg on the youth basketball team.

Following My High School: Mahopac High School

Kevin Doyle cube linkedin

President / Co-founder

Kevin is a co-founder of The Cube and focuses on getting schools started on our platform, revenue generation and business development.. Kevin is an experience business leader most recently as the SVP and GM for a leading online Apartment Listing Service with over 300 employees and nearly$90 million in revenue. Kevin is married with 5 children.

Benet Academy boys basketball team held the longest consecutive home winning streak in the country during my high school years(102 consecutive wins without a loss). My best high school memory was walking off the court after my last home basketball game knowing that we did our part and "the streak was still alive"!!!

Following My High School: Benet Academy

Micah Nolte cube linkedin

CTO / Co-Founder

Micah Nolte has been building websites by hand, professionally and recreationally, for over 15 years. He writes more Javascript and Ruby each day than he does English, and is responsible for tossing firewood into the steam engines that run the website.

Micah attended every football game at his high school… as a member of the marching band. His senior year, he led the Testoster-horns – the all-male French Horn section with marching horns. They were known as the loudest players in the band, although they often didn't play the right notes.

Following My High School: Pampa High School

Maureen Toner cube

COO / Co-Founder

Maureen is part of the original founding team at The Cube and focuses on all areas of operations ranging from day to day management of the business to overall strategic goals. Maureen is married to Jeff and has three children.

One of Maureen’s favorite high school moments occurred during a senior year accounting class taught by Mr. Geist who was also the boys varsity basketball coach. Mr. Geist ran a class wide contest where each student in the class completed a bracket for the Illinois State High School basketball tournament beginning with the Sweet Sixteen teams. Maureen completed her bracket including guessing an 8 point spread in the championship game. Amazingly… every game was picked correctly and the final score of the championship game was 69-61. She did it – she picked a perfect bracket!

Following My High School: Benet Academy

Jim McAteer cube linkedin twitter

Illinois Territory Manager

Jim has been with The Cube since the beginning. His focus is on helping schools get their school cube up and running. From getting equipment to starting a school's broadcast club. Jim has worked in media for more than 20 years with an extensive background in high school sports. Jim lives in Beverly where he can be found baby sitting for 10 nephews and nieces all close by.

Jim played football at Marian Catholic and let's just say he wasn't going to win any awards for his play on the field. But his teammates enjoyed Jim's play-by-play commentary during practice. Jim would describe each play in practice like he was calling a game. As you could imagine - it probably wore on the head coach. After probably biting his tongue for a while, Head Coach Dave Mattio said to me, "Could you either please keep it down or bring your announcing over to the other side of the field - away from me." An early sign back in the day where I should be - not on the field.

Following My High School: Marian Catholic High School

Eric Gustafson cube twitter

Creative Director

Eric focuses his time and skills here designing and developing the front-end of the website, designing print ads and sales material and working on UX and wire-framing for our digital assets. He comes from a highly visual/design background but enjoys the balance of working both with code and design.

One of Eric's favorite memories at Friendswood was a the yearly occurrence of taking group yearbook photos for all the clubs and sports. In his sophomore year, accompanied by a friend, Eric and went snuck into as many group photos as they could manage. Thinking nothing of it but thoroughly enjoying the passive photo-bombing they came to find out that they got listed as being a part of each group. Never before had two people been so diverse in their interests at FHS. The tradition continued over the next 2 years, but beside our printed names listed by each club/sport was an asterix.

Following My High School: Friendswood High School

Dan Capasso cube linkedin twitter

Director of The Cube Productions

Dan is Operations Director and focuses on continually improving the quality of The Cube productions and recruiting, hiring, training, and staffing talented professionals to capture the "shining moments" that showcase the most memorable events in the lives of high school students. He is married to his wife Diane and has two grown children.

One of Dan's nice high school memories is from his junior year, when as a defensive end, he picked a blocked punt out of the air at the Zion Benton 2 yard line and stepped into the zone for his first Varsity touchdown. Seeing his name in the box score of the Sunday Chicago Sun-Times was a pretty big deal, and he recalls his proud mother called Chicago area relatives to have them check out the prep sports section.

Following My High School: Mundelein High School

Christian Roy

Lead Application Engineer

Christian is a Backend Web Developer to the bones. Passionate and always looking to excel and improve, Christian works as a consultant on different backend aspect of the programming on the website. Christian is married with his wife Marie-Hélène and has three children, one that just entered High School.

Christian's favorite moment in High School was when he was selected for a co-animating role in a 13 episode science tv program for kids after he participated at the Science Fair for the very first time. His science project about cigarette's bad effects on flies really caught the attention of his Science Teacher. When she was contacted about a TV program that was looking for brilliant highschool students for co-animating the show, the name of Christian was on top of the list. After 3 auditions, Christian was finally accepted and he co-animated a total of 13 episodes that went on the air a total of 5 years.

Shannon Currier cube

Minnesota Territory Manager

Shannon is the Territory Manager for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Shannon resides in MN with his three kids; Frannie 16, Collin 11 and Grace 5.

Shannon was a three sport athlete at the small Cosmos High School where he earned 13 letters. His favorite high school sports experience was playing for his father in both football and baseball. Shannon went on to play football at Hamline University, then spent 15 years a college coach, 9 as the head coach of two Division two football programs. Shannon has a 52-47 record as a head coach.

My High School: Cosmos High School

Chris Dubiel cube linkedin twitter

Operations Associate

Chris is a Jack-of-all-trades at The Cube, working as a staff assistant, play-by-play announcer and occasionally a producer. Chris is passionate about sports and has had the call for more than 50 broadcasts on The Cube, including football, hockey, basketball and volleyball games, as well as a few wrestling meets this year.

Chris' favorite memories from high school were from his four years of playing football for the Hilltoppers. His favorite moments include playing at Soldier Field twice and winning the 2007 6A State Championship.

Following My High School: Joliet Catholic Academy

Greg Kulaga cube linkedin

Broadcast Specialist - Producer

Greg is a broadcast specialist for The Cube, helping schools stream and providing technical support. Greg joined The Cube as a producer for our in-house production team, The Cube Productions, where he continues to lead broadcast teams in the field. Greg is a graduate of Boston's Emerson College, where he studied video production and journalism and played for the school ice hockey team.

One of Greg's greatest high school memories was when he took first place in a Student Television Network TV graphics competition, accepting the award in Los Angeles in front of hundreds of other student broadcasters from around the nation. Competitors had one hour to complete a series of graphics for a mock news program. Being the type of student that played around with Photoshop for fun, Greg relished the assignment, creating lower thirds, maps and over the shoulder graphics that were awarded top honors by a panel of TV industry professionals. The crystal trophy remains on display at the entrance of Communications High School.

Following My High School: Communications High School

Emil Williams Jr. cube linkedin twitter

Broadcast Specialist

Emil is a versatile broadcaster who has provided play-by-play for more than 150 football, basketball, baseball and volleyball broadcasts on The Cube. Most recently, he has added the title of Broadcast Specialist to his repertoire, helping schools across the Southeast region of the United States showcase their events and capture exciting moments live on The Cube.

In high school, Emil's enjoyed his four years of being a Lane Tech Indian, participating in everything ranging from the marching and jazz bands to radio and television production. But, perhaps most of all, he enjoyed winning. His favorite moment comes from his varsity bowling career, where in 2001, he helped lead his team to the Chicago Public League Boys Bowling city championship.

Following My High School: Lane Tech

Will Clancy cube linkedin

Broadcast Specialist

Will is a producer and broadcast specialist for The Cube who has been producing high school events throughout the Chicagoland area for nearly 2 years. He also helps schools around the country to start streaming on their own. Will enjoys biking and is am a huge fan of sports at all levels.

A special memory of his is playing soccer in high school and the school team winning the state championship during his senior year.

Following My High School: Barrington High School

Jim Leo cube linkedin twitter

Broadcast Specialist

Jim was acquired by The Cube in a draft day deal for a player to be named later and cash considerations in 2011. Since then he is flourished into a lead play-by-play announcer and broadcast specialist helping schools all over the nation and the world showcase student's shining moments.

One of Jim's favorite high school memories happened his senior year when he played in an epic playoff tennis match for Fremd. After the losing the first set, Jim forced a second set tiebreaker and was one point away from losing on 14 separate occasions before clawing back to win 34-32. The match was suspended for darkness and resumed the next day with Jim closing out the best of 3 sets match, 6-1.

Following My High School: Fremd High School

Jeff Taliaferro cube linkedin

Iowa Territory Manager

Jeff is the Territory Manager for Iowa while residing in Des Moines, Iowa with his Fiance, Ashley. Jeff played baseball for Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas. Jeff went on to play college baseball for the University of Northern Iowa until their baseball program was cut in 2009. He transferred to the University of Texas at San Antonio to play baseball his senior year while graduating in 2010. Jeff moved to Des Moines Iowa in 2011 and has been working for The Cube since July of 2012.

Jeff's favorite memories from Carroll Senior High were playing baseball at the Ballpark in Arlington twice, home of the Texas Rangers and watching the Southlake Carroll Dragons win three state football championships during his four years.

Following My High School: Carroll Senior High

Dmitriy Blok

Senior Application Engineer

Initially trained to be an evil mastermind from a young age but then switched to computer programming. Together with his wife has four dogs, koi pond and a tortoise. His interests outside of programming include language history and Proto-Indo-European history. Usually does not get fifty percent of the American jokes that involve cultural references.

Mick Doyle

Data Analyst

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